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Lockyer Valley Commercial Mechanics

There is nothing that can throw your business more out of whack than having your service vehicles or machinery not working. One breakdown can delay your whole operation and upset customers, which is why it is essential to make sure that your commercial vehicles are regularly serviced.

At Auto Air and Electrical, we understand that to have a successful business, your machinery needs to be in tip top shape and should be serviced by a team, like us, who understand the fine details of your specialty vehicle(s). Our team has trained extensively and has over 20+ years’ experience in commercial vehicle and heavy machinery maintenance.

We offer comprehensive and preventative maintenance that reduces more serious issues that could potentially arise for all makes and models of commercial vehicles.  Our goal at the end of the day is to Keep you on the road, in the paddock, or on site safely and without worry of breakdown.

Why Us for your Commercial Service?

Vehicles We Service

At Auto Air & Electrical, we know that bigger vehicles need love too! Josh is extensively trained and has the knowledge to work on an extensive range of commercial vehicles. From busses to farm equipment and boats to small aircraft (yes we can work on planes!), we love getting your vehicles working. So that they can get back to working for you.

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Auto Air, Electrical and Mechanical is excited to hear from you and to be able to work on your cars.