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Auto Electrics and Replacements

Is your car not behaving?

It could be an issue with your vehicles electrical system!

The team at Auto Air Electrical & Mechanical can fix any problem your vehicle may have. Our 20+ years’ experience in the industry has provided us with the knowledge and opportunity to diagnose and repair your car, having it running it’s best.

Read on to find out more about our services, or if you’re ready to book now simply fill out the booking form or give us a call

Air Conditioning

It’s no secret that our weather in the Lockyer Valley is hot and humid, which is why having a working air conditioner in your car is a must!

We offer full air conditioning services for all makes and models, including heavy machinery. Whether it’s re-gassing, rewiring, or replacement of parts, we can get your car back to keeping you icy cool.

Warning Lights / Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Vehicle’s today are built with onboard computers that are constantly monitoring and storing information concerning your cars performance. If the computer picks up something that might potentially be wrong with your car a warning light on your dashboard will come on to make you aware of the issue.

Our team has the equipment to help diagnose these warning lights and repair any issues that they may be bringing attention to including:

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Services

If you’re check engine light has come on or your noticing that your car isn’t getting as good of petrol mileage that it used to, then there is a chance your cars fuel injectors are the issue.

We offer a complete service for fuel injectors for all makes and models which includes:

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Cruise Control Repair

It’s nice to turn on the cruise control on our long stretches of country roads.

It’s not nice when your cruise control stops working. There are plenty of reasons why it may stop working and this can indicate more serious issues such as your check engine light or brake indicators.

Auto Air Electrical & Mechanical can diagnosis and fix these issues quickly to get you back on the road.

Ready for a service?

Auto Air, Eletrical and Mechanical is excited to hear from you and to be able to work on your cars.

Alarms and Key Repair

Your cars security is important. Not having a working alarm system or having keys that don’t lock your doors can mean potential theft or other issues. At our workshop in Hatton Vale, we have the equipment to diagnose, repair and replace any issue with your alarm system or keys.

We can also offer great advice on the best alarm systems to meet your needs if you are thinking about upgrading or replacing your current system.

photo of a set of car keys

Batteries and Charging Systems

There’s nothing worse than a dead battery in your car. No matter what it always feels like they stop working at the worst time. We understand the inconvenience of having a dead battery can bring and are here to help with our range of battery and charging services.

We can assist in the installation and repair of battery carry battery brands that are known to last. 

One of the other benefits of our battery service is that we include road side assist with every vehicle service. So if you ever find yourself stranded, you can take comfort in knowing that we’ll be there to rescue you!

Programming and Software Upgrades and Repair (ECU)

Most engines these days are equipped with an ECU (or electronic control unit) which gives directions to your engine on what to do and how to perform it’s best. 

However, sometimes they can malfunction leaving your car not performing its best or not running at all. 

If you are experiencing these problems, the team at Auto Air Electrical & Mechanical can assist with the repair, replacement, or upgrading of your cars ECU.

Electronic machine used for diagnosing mechanical problems in cars
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General Auto Electrical Repair and Service

Don’t see what is wrong with your car on this page? Well, don’t worry because if there is an electrical problem with your car, we can fix it.

With our 20+ years’ experience as auto electricians, we have seen and repaired it all! Other issues that we commonly see and repair are:

Why choose Auto Air, Electrical & Mechanical?


Good, Country Service

A welcoming voice, helpful advice, friendly conversation, honest information and a genuine Thank you is what we offer every customer that we have the honour of working for.


Knowledgeable Technician

Josh is committed to knowing everything he can in the industry, so that he can continue to provide the most up to date techniques and offer the best advice no matter what vehicle. If there is a problem he can’t seem to fix, he will not stop till he finds a solution.


Honest Communication

We won’t upsell you or mislead you in to thinking that your car has more wrong with it than it does. We’ll always speak with you before we get to work, offering the best advice and solutions for your vehicle and budget.


Work Guarantee

Every job we take on is approached with the upmost care and patience, so that the job is completed correctly. Your trust is essential to our success, so in the rare case that a mistake is ever made, we will own up to it and correct it.


Fully Equipped Workshop

Our new workshop is equipped with all the equipment and tools necessary to fix any vehicle issue that is brought to us. Since we are located on a 2 acre block, we also have the capacity and capability to service large vehicles at our shop.

Ready for a service?

Auto Air, Electrical and Mechanical is excited to hear from you and to be able to work on your cars.